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Notitiae 10-22 (1974-1982); 34-47 (1988-2010) request

The Liturgical Institute is seeking to locate the copies of the periodical Notitiae published by the Consilium/Congregation for Divine Worship, numbers 10–22 (1974- 1982) and 34-47 (1988-2010) to complete this collection. If any reader has copies or even a complete run of the periodical that they no longer need and wish to sell or donate please send an email […]

Prefaces: Bibliography

The following bibliography is recommended for the study of prefaces.   Abbreviations: EL = Ephemerides Liturgicae LMD = La Maison‑Dieu QL = Questions Liturgiques (et Paroissiales) RL = Rivista Liturgica SE = Sacris Erudiri   Henry Ashworth, `Praefationum fontes novarum liturgici, biblici et patristici’, EL 82 (1968) 430‑444. Henry Ashworth, `The New Prefaces’, The Clergy […]

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