Neo-Gallican Library

We are most grateful for the significant donation of neo-gallican liturgical books.

Illuminated manuscript of St Gregory

Illuminated manuscript of St Gregory
Farnborough Abbey

1. Missals of French diocesan uses (nearly all folio size):
Missale Cadurcense (Cahors) Paris 1760.
M Divionense (Dijon) 1829
M Aniciense (Annecy) Paris 1783
M Sagiense (Seez) Paris 1742
M Constantiense (Coutances) 1728
M Constantiense (Coutances) 1778
M ad Usum Provinciae Viennensis, (Grenoble) 1784
M Romano-Lugdunense, Paris & Lyons 1866 (see AAKing, Liturgies of the Primatial Sees p29-30)
M Sanctae Lugdunensis Ecclesiae (Lyons) 1771 (see AAKing, LPS p23)
M Lemovicense (Limoges) 1830
M Appamiense (Pamiers) Paris 1782
M Auscitanum (Auch) Paris 1753
M Meldense (Meaux) 1845
M Lucionense (Lucon) Lyons 1828
M Albiense (Albi) Paris 1746
M Albiense (Albi) Toulouse 1846
M Vapincense (Gap) Paris 1744
M Convenarum (St Bertrand de Comminges) Toulouse 1774
M Parisiense (Paris) 1791
M Parisiense (Paris) 1830
M Sanctae Autissiodorensis Ecclesiae (Auxerre) Troyes 1738
M Turonense (Tours) Paris 1784 (see G Hull, The Banished Heart p171)
M Insignis Ecclesiae Nivernensis (Nevers) Orleans 1728
M Sanctae Ecclesiae Metropolitanae Remensis (Reims) Paris 1770
M Cenomanense Le Mans 1835 (see Hull p172)
M Bisuntinum (Besancon) 1766
M Tolosanum (Toulouse) 1832
M Claromontense (Clermont-Ferrand) 1757
M Claromontense (Clermont-Ferrand) 1821
M Bituricense (Bourges) 1741 – completely disbound
M Forojuliense (Frejus) Paris 1786.
There is also a Moravian Missal; M Novum Romano-Olomucense 1740.

2. Missals of Religious Orders (see AAKing, Liturgies of the Religious Orders):
Missale juxta Ritum Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum (Dominican) Rome 1823
Missale Cisterciense Paris 1751
Missale Cisterciense Reformatum (Trappist) Westmalle 1910
Missale Romano-Monastico-Benedictinum ad Normam Breviarii Einsidlensis (Einsieden) 1780
Missale Ordinis Fratrum B Mariae Virginis de Monte Carmelo (Carlemites) Rome 1935.

3. Some Rituales:
Rituale Parisiense (Parsi) 1839
R Aurelianense 1822 (Orleans)
Rituel deToulouse ?1824
R Constantiense 1846 (Coutances)
R Argentinense 1824 (Strasbourg)

4. Breviaries:
Mainly single volumes sadly, larger volumes include
Breviarium Albiense pars aestiva 1840
Breviarium Albiense pars verna 1840
B Claromontense pars autumnalis 1732
B Carnotense (Chartres) parshiemalis 1783
B Premonstratense pars autumnalis 1896.
Diurnal Romain a l’usage des Frieres Minuers [….] Conventuels Paris 1777.

This collection of neo-gallican liturgical books is in addition to a significant donation of periodicals and series used in scholarly research given from the Franciscan International Study Centre found here.

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5 December 2105