Dom Gregory Dix archives

These holdings represent the partial Dom Gregory Dix archives.

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Across the Fence: A conversation between Dom Gregory Dix and Maurice Bevenot SJ

The Anaphora

Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus

Catholicism: A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions in the West

“The Christian ‘Shaliach'”

The Claim of Jesus Christ

Confirmation or the Laying on of Hands?

Confirmation: Its Place In The Baptismal Mystery

Dispensation in Practice & Theory: With Special Reference to the Anglican Churches, being the Report of a Commission Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1935

Dixit Cranmer

Dom Bernard Clements: A Portrait

Dom Denys Prideaux

Dom Gregory Dix 1901-1952

E.C. Ratcliffe: Liturgical Studies

The Early History of the Liturgy

Edward Craddock Ratcliff (1896-1967) A bibliography of his published works

The Fullness of Christian Initiation

God’s Way With Man

“Gorham and Baptismal Regeneration”

Gregory Dix: archival material

Gregory Dix: Twenty Five Years on

Infant Baptism Yesterday and Today: the case for baptismal reform in the Church of England

Jew and Greek; a study in the primitive church

Learning to be a Christian

The Power and Wisdom of God

The Question of Anglican Orders: Letters to a Layman

Relation of Confirmation to Baptism, as Taught in Holy Scripture & the Fathers

Report of the SIxth Anglo-Catholic Congress

The Rites of Christian Initiation

The Sacramental Life: Gregory Dix and his Writings

Seal of the Spirit: A Study in the Doctrine of Baptism and Confirmation in the New Testament and the Fathers, 2nd edition

The Shape of the Liturgy

The Story of the Christian Church

A Tactful God

Theology of Confirmation in Relation to Baptism

Theology of Confirmation in Relation to Baptism copy 2

Walter Howard Frere, Bishop of Truro,: A Memoir

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