The collection of Anglicana in the St Bede Library includes Anglican rituals and studies as well as those of the Church of England. It includes Alcuin Club publications. It is housed in the office of the president of BSAC and available for consultation upon apointiment.

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AC PRP Alcuin Club Pamphlets

AC PRP The primitive consecration prayer: A lecture given at the Annual Meeting of the Club, June 7, 1922

ACC 39 Walter Howard Frere. His Correspondence on Liturgical Revision and Construction

ACC 53 The Anglican Ordinal : Its History And Development From The Reformation To The Present Day

ACC 56 The ministry of healing in the Church of England: An ecumenical-liturgical study

ACC 57 Eucharist and Holy Spirit: The Eucharistic epiclesis in twentieth century theology

ACC 68 Earth and Altar: Evolution of the Parish Communion in the Church of England to 1945: History of Parish Communion

ACC 69 Towards Liturgy 2000

ACC 77 Daily Prayer in Christian Spain: A Study of the Mozarabic Office

ACC 78 Companion to Common Worship 1

ACC 81 Companion to Common Worship 2

ACC 82 House of God: House of the People of God

ACC 83 Christian Prayer Through the Centuries

ACC Alcuin Club Collections

ACC Anglican Liturgies of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries

ACC Baptismal Anointing

ACC Communion of Saints

ACC Daily Prayer in the Early Church

ACC Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy

ACC Edwardian Inventories of Huntingdonshire

ACC Essays in Early Roman litrgy

ACC Fifty Pictures of Gothic Altars

ACC Further Essays in Roman Liturgy

ACC Liturgy for a New Century: Further Essays in Preparation for the Revision of the Alternative Service Book

ACC On the Epiclesis of the Eucharistic Liturgy and the Consecration of the Font

ACC On the Epiclesis of the Eucharistic Liturgy and the Consecration of the Font – copy 2

ACC St Augustine’s Lectionary

ACC The Booke of Common Prayer: Its making and revisions

ACC The Chichester Customary

ACC The Collect in Anglican Liturgy: Texts and Sources 1549-1989

ACC The Godly Order: Texts and studies relating to the Book of common prayer

ACC The Liturgy in English

ACC The Liturgy of Christian Burial

ACC The Meaning of Baptism

ACC The Use of Lights in Christian Worship

ACC Walter Howard Frere: Correspondence of Liturgical Revison and Construction

ACC Westminster Abbey: Its worship and Furnishings: vol 1

ACC Westminster Abbey: Its worship and Furnishings: vol 2

ACC Westminster Abbey: Its worship and Furnishings: vol 3

ACM Episcopal Services

The Alcuin Club and Its Publications, 1897-1987

The Alcuin Club and its Publications: An annotated bibliography, 1897-1974

The Alcuin Club Report 1972-73: Anglican Eucharistic Theology in the Twentieth Century

ALG Alcuin Liturgical Guide

ALG Celebrating Christ’s Appearing: Advent to Candlemas

ALG Celebrating Christ’s Victory: Ash Wednesday to Trinity

ALG The Use of Symbols in Worship

The Alternative Service Book 1980

The Alternative Service Book 1980: Marriage Service

The American Book of Common Prayer: Its Origin and Development

Anglican Eucharistic Theology: website

The Anglican Missal

Anglicanism and the Western Christian Tradition: Eamon Duffy, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Judith Maltby, Pauline Croft & Others

AOJ A Bibliography of Recent Liturgical Studies

AOJ Alcuin Occasional Journal

AOJ Notes on the New Rites of Initiatin

AOJ Pearcy Dearmer and the English Hymnal

AOJ The Art of Worship

AOJ The New Roman Mass and the Anglican Series Three

AOJ The Origins of the Daily office

The Apostolic Ministry: Essays on the History and Doctrine of Episcopacy

APRP Alcuin Prayerbook Revision Pamphlets

Ash Wednesday: Holy Communion with Imposition of Ashes

AT Alcuin Club Tracts

Being Anglican in the Third Millennium: The Official Report of the 10th Meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council : Panama 1996

Book of Common Prayer – Pew Presentation

The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the sacraments

The Book of Common Worship

The Book of Divine Worship: Being Elements of the Book of Common Prayer Revised and Adapted According to the Roman Rite for Use by Roman Catholics Coming from the Anglican Tradition

The Bridge: Journal of the Anglican use (1987-1989)

The Catechetical Oration of Gregory of Nyssa

Catholicism: A Study in the Conflict of Christian Traditions in the West

The Celebrant and Ministers of the Eucharist

Celebrate the Christian Story: An Introduction to the New Lectionary and Calendar

The Celebration of the Eucharist facing the People

Common Worship:

Common Worship: Christian Initiation

Common Worship: Collects and Post Communions

Common Worship: Daily Prayer

Common Worship: Daily Prayer, Preliminary Edition

Common Worship: Festivals

Common Worship: Initiation Services Rites on the Way

Common Worship: Ordination Services, Study Edition

Common Worship: Pastoral Services

Common Worship: Rites on the Way: Work in progress

Common Worship: Services and prayers for the Church of England

Common Worship: Times and Seasons

Common Worship: Times and Seasons: Festivals

Development of the Anglican Liturgy, 1662-1980

The Durham Book. Being the First Draft of the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer in 1661

Essays liturgical and historical

Essays on liturgiology and church history

GLS 2 Language, Liturgy and Meaning

GLS 5 Anamnesis in the Eucharist

GLS 7 What did Cranmer think he was doing? Second edition

GLS 8 Hippolytus: A Text for Students

GLS 10 Gregory Dix: Twenty Five Years on

GLS 20 Development of the New Eucharistic Prayers of the Church of England

GLS 24 Addai and Mari: The Anaphora of the Apostles – A Text for Students

GLS 25 Making the Liturgical Psalter

GLS 29 The Liturgical Portions of the Didascalia

GLS 33 Anglo-Catholic Worship

GLS 36 Liturgical Presidency in the Early Church

GLS 47 The Medieval Development of Liturgical Symbolism

GLS Background Documents to Liturgical Revision, 1547-49

GLS Essays on Eucharistic Sacrifice in the Early Church: Sequel to “Eucharistic Sacrifice: The Roots of a Metaphor”

GLS Essays On Hippolytus

GLS Eucharistic Liturgies of Edward VI: A Text for Students

GLS Eucharistic Sacrifice: The Roots of a Metaphor

GLS Fourth Century Anaphoral Construction techniques

A Guide to the Sacraments

GWS 118 Christian Initiation in the Anglican Communion

GWS 134 Joining God’s Church: An Introduction to ‘On the Way’

GWS 135 Renewing the Anglican Eucharist; Findings of the Fifth International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, Dublin, Eire, 1995

GWS 158 The Eucharistic Prayers of Order One

GWS Grove Worship series

A History of Anglican Liturgy

History of the Liturgy

Holy rite though partly wrong: A critique of Series 2

JLS 10 Adult Initiation

JLS 32 Worship and Evangelism in Pre-Christendom

JLS 37 After the Primitive Christians: the 18th Anglican Eucharist

JLS 60 1927-28 Prayer Book Crisis: part 1: Ritual, Royal Commissions and Reply to the Royal Letters of Evidence

JLS 61 1927-28 Prayer Book Crisis: part 2: The Cul-de-sac of the Deposited Book

JLS 71 Anglican Marriage Rites: A Symposium

JLS 72 Charles Simeon on the Excellency of the Liturgy

JLS A History of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultations

JLS A Kingdom of Priests: Liturgical Formation of the People of God

JLS Alcuin/GROW JLS series

JLS Ambrosianum Mysterium: v. 1: The Church of Milan and Its Liturgical Tradition

JLS Anglican Liturgical Identity: Papers from the Prague Meeting of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation

JLS Anglican Liturgical Inculturation in Africa: The Kanamai Statement; With Introduction, Papers from Kanamai, and a First Response

JLS Anglican Orders and Ordinations

JLS Anglican Swahili Prayer Books: Tanzania

JLS Calvin and Bullinger on the Lord’s Supper

JLS Celebrating Forgiveness: An Original Text Drafted by Michael Vasey; [Edited] by Trevor Lloyd, Phillip Tovey

JLS Communion Outside the Eucharist

JLS Cremation Today and Tomorrow

JLS Daily and Weekly Worship: From Jewish to Christian

JLS Daily and Weekly Worship: Jewish and Christian

JLS Essays in Early Eastern Initiation

JLS Foundations of Christian Music: The Music of Pre-Constantinian Christianity

JLS Infant Communion: Post-reformation to Present-day

JLS Irenaeus of Lyons on Baptism and Eucharist: Selected texts

JLS Irenaeus of Lyons on Baptism and Eucharist: Selected Texts with Introduction, Translation and Annotation

JLS Jeremy Taylor, liturgist

JLS Liturgical Inculturation in the Anglican Communion: Including the York Statement “Down to Earth Worship”

JLS Liturgical Presidency

JLS Liturgical Revision in the Church of England, 1984-2004: The Working of the Liturgical Commission

JLS Liturgy in Ancient Jerusalem

JLS Liturgy in Early Christian Egypt

JLS Models of Liturgical Theology

JLS On Baptismal Fonts: Ancient and Modern

JLS Proclus on Baptism in Constantinople

JLS Revising the Eucharist: Ground Work for the Anglican Communion

JLS Sequential or Direct Ordination: A Return To The Sources

JLS The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand, 1814-1989

JLS The Canons of Hippolytus

JLS The Comparative Liturgy of Anton Baumstark

JLS The Liturgical Portions of the Apostolic Constitutions: A Text for Students

JLS The Missing Oblation: The Contents of the Early Antiochene Anaphora

JLS The Origins of the Roman Rite

JLS The Preaching Service: The Glory of the Methodists: A Study of the Piety, Ethos, and Development of the Methodist Preaching Service

JLS The Psalms in Christian Worship: Patristic Precedent and Anglican Practice

JLS The Sacramentary of Sarapion of Thmuis: A Text for Students

JLS The Syriac Version Of The Liturgy Of St James: A Brief History For Students

JLS The Testamentum Domini

L’Anglicanesimo: Dalla Chiesa d’Inghilterra alla Comunione anglicana

Lent, Holy Week, Easter: Services and Prayers

The liturgical movement: Its origin and growth

Liturgies of the Past

Liturgy Reshaped

The Methodist Worship Book: Standard Edition

The Mystery of Baptism: In the Anglican Tradition

The Nature of the Ordinal

New Handbook of Pastoral Liturgy

A New History of the Book of Common Prayer

On the Sacraments and On the Mysteries

The Order for the Sung Eucharist: Easter Day

Our Thanks and Praise: The Eucharist in Anglicanism Today; Papers from the Fifth International Anglican Liturgical Conference

The Paschal Vigil

The Promise of His Glory: Services and Prayers for the Season from All Saints to Candlemas

Quo Vaditis: The State of Churches in Northern Europe

Sarum Use: The Ancient Customs of Salisbury

Services for Christian Initiation

The Shorter Prayer Book: being an abbreviated form of the Book of Common Prayer

St Ambrose On the Sacraments

St Cyril of Jerusalem’s Lectures on the Christian Sacraments

Using Common Worship: Initiation Services

Walter Howard Frere: A Collection of His Papers on Historical Subjects

Water and the Spirit: A study in the relation of baptism and confirmation

Wholeness and healing: Draft forms of service


Worship, Church and Society: An Exposition of the Work of Arthur Gabriel Hebert to Mark the Centenary of the Society of the Sacred Mission

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